I’ve never written a blog.  I suppose I’ve never really had anything to blog about.  But I have had things to write about.  I have always enjoyed writing, and over the years, reading, about the fun times my buddies and I have had playing these role-playing games we enjoy so much.

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And now there’s a new game coming out -- Star Citizen.  But unlike the old pencil and paper RPGs, this is a computer game whose scope I am just now beginning to comprehend.  Chris Roberts and the designers at Cloud Imperium Games are selling an experience of massive proportions.    Actually, it’s a little along the idea of Traveller.  They want to create a universe spanning hundreds of star systems, any of which you can visit.  You and your buddies can then pile into a spaceship and ply the space lanes trying to earn a living.  You can take any job you can find.  And as Mal once said, “Even the legal ones.”

Naturally such an ambitious project is going to take a couple of years to complete.  But they have already sold memberships to the game in order to finance it.  For better or for worse, I have invested heavily.

And while the whole thing is still a work in progress, they have begun to release “modules,” portions of the game that will eventually interlock together to make the whole thing.  And while playing a couple of these modules, the idea of this blog hit me.

They have a single player dogfighting game working, where you can jump in your spaceship and battle space aliens.  I’ve been hitting this one pretty hard.  And a few weeks ago, it occurred to me to write how my battles transpired.  That allowed me to see how I might be improving, compare one spaceship in battle against another, and to compare how different tactics might be working out for me.

A little more recently I have gotten on-line and started playing their multi-player co-op game where more than one person can work together to defend the solar system against the alien incursion. 

The other day I got together with a guy, and I didn’t do very well.  I got the keyboard commands all mixed up, and it took me a few minutes to get into the game.  So, I felt I should apologize, and I wrote him a letter. 

Then it occurred me I could do both.  As I play the co-op, I could certainly write everyone I meet.  Get to know people.  Plus, I could take notes of how our battles go.

And when the star-spanning universe launches in a year or so, just imagine what my encounters with everyone else in this massive, multi-player game might entail. 

As I ponder this, I am beginning to realize just how much I am thinking about biting off.  I hope I’m up to it.

Because, if so...then look out Universe!  Here I come!